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One day, while mounting a horse, she gave birth to a child. Immediately, by Roman justice she was bound by the feet to a horse's tail and dragged and stoned by the people for half a league, and, where she died, there she was buried, and at the place is written: "Petre, Pater Patrum, Papisse Prodito Partum" [Oh Peter, Father of Fathers, Betray the childbearing of the woman Pope].

At the same time, the four-day fast called the "fast of the female Pope" was first established. However, the legend gained its greatest prominence when it appeared in the third recension edited revision of Martin of Opava 's Chronicon Pontificum et Imperatorum later in the 13th century.

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This version, which may have been by Martin himself, is the first to attach a name to the figure, indicating that she was known as "John Anglicus" or "John of Mainz. According to the Chronicon :. John Anglicus, born at Mainz, was Pope for two years, seven months and four days, and died in Rome, after which there was a vacancy in the Papacy of one month. It is claimed that this John was a woman, who as a girl had been led to Athens dressed in the clothes of a man by a certain lover of hers.

There she became proficient in a diversity of branches of knowledge, until she had no equal, and, afterward in Rome, she taught the liberal arts and had great masters among her students and audience.

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A high opinion of her life and learning arose in the city; and she was chosen for Pope. While Pope, however, she became pregnant by her companion. Through ignorance of the exact time when the birth was expected, she was delivered of a child while in procession from St. Peter's to the Lateran , in a lane once named Via Sacra the sacred way but now known as the "shunned street" between the Colosseum and St Clement's church. After her death, it is said she was buried in that same place. The Lord Pope always turns aside from the street, and it is believed by many that this is done because of abhorrence of the event.

Nor is she placed on the list of the Holy Pontiffs, both because of her female sex and on account of the foulness of the matter. One version of the Chronicon gives an alternative fate for the female pope. According to this, she did not die immediately after her exposure, but was confined and deposed, after which she did many years of penance.

Her son from the affair eventually became Bishop of Ostia , and ordered her entombment in his cathedral when she died. Other references to the female pope are attributed to earlier writers, though none appears in manuscripts that predate the Chronicon.

The one most commonly cited is Anastasius Bibliothecarius d. However, the story is found in only one unreliable manuscript of Anastasius. This manuscript, in the Vatican Library , bears the relevant passage inserted as a footnote at the bottom of a page. It is out of sequence, and in a different hand, one that dates from after the time of Martin of Opava.

This "witness" to the female pope is likely to be based upon Martin's account, and not a possible source for it. The same is true of Marianus Scotus 's Chronicle of the Popes , a text written in the 11th century.

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Some of its manuscripts contain a brief mention of a female pope named Johanna the earliest source to attach to her the female form of the name , but all these manuscripts are later than Martin's work. Earlier manuscripts do not contain the legend. Some versions of the legend suggest that subsequent popes were subjected to an examination whereby, having sat on a so-called sedia stercoraria or "dung chair" containing a hole, a cardinal had to reach up and establish that the new pope had testicles , before announcing " Duos habet et bene pendentes " "He has two, and they dangle nicely" , [14] or " habet " "he has them" for short.

There were associated legends as well. Pope Joan has been associated with marvelous happenings. Petrarch —74 wrote in his Chronica de le Vite de Pontefici et Imperadori Romani that after Pope Joan had been revealed as a woman:.


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In France there appeared marvelous locusts, which had six wings and very powerful teeth. They flew miraculously through the air, and all drowned in the British Sea. The golden bodies were rejected by the waves of the sea and corrupted the air, so that a great many people died. However, the attribution of this work to Petrarch may be incorrect.

From the midth century onward, the legend was widely disseminated and believed. Joan was used as an exemplum in Dominican preaching. The book contains the following account of the female Pope:. Pope John VIII: John, of English extraction, was born at Mentz Mainz and is said to have arrived at popedom by evil art; for disguising herself like a man, whereas she was a woman, she went when young with her paramour, a learned man, to Athens, and made such progress in learning under the professors there that, coming to Rome, she met with few that could equal, much less go beyond her, even in the knowledge of the scriptures; and by her learned and ingenious readings and disputations, she acquired so great respect and authority that upon the death of Pope Leo IV as Martin says by common consent she was chosen pope in his room.

Clement's her travail came upon her, and she died upon the place, having sat two years, one month, and four days, and was buried there without any pomp. This story is vulgarly told, but by very uncertain and obscure authors, and therefore I have related it barely and in short, lest I should seem obstinate and pertinacious if I had admitted what is so generally talked. I had better mistake with the rest of the world, though it be certain, that what I have related may be thought not altogether incredible. References to the female Pope abound in the later Middle Ages and Renaissance. Giovanni Boccaccio wrote about her in De Mulieribus Claris This statue had never been mentioned by any earlier writer anywhere; presumably it was an actual statue that came to be taken to be of the female pope.

A lateth-century edition of the Mirabilia Urbis Romae , a guidebook for pilgrims to Rome, tells readers that the female Pope's remains are buried at St. At his trial in , Jan Hus argued that the Church does not necessarily need a pope, because, during the pontificate of "Pope Agnes" as he also called her , it got on quite well. Hus's opponents at this trial insisted that his argument proved no such thing about the independence of the Church, but they did not dispute that there had been a female pope at all.

In , Florimond de Raemond , a magistrate in the parlement de Bordeaux and an antiquary , published his first attempt to deconstruct the legend, Erreur Populaire de la Papesse Jeanne also subsequently published under the title L'Anti-Papesse. I love the detailed explanation of each and every card.

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Indeed, I am still working towards achieving long term personal and financial goals. Yes, I hope that only good people will enter my life. Ivana, thank you for the beautiful reading. Hello Ivana I think you mean to say "determined" Your English gets better every day and it is the hardest to learn so Bravo!

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Im single! He was very arrogant and cold so i blocked him! Email required Address never made public. Name required. Brad was also a contributing writer for VH Brad's forte is analyzing major events in history through an astrological perspective with pieces that run the historical and sociological gamut ranging from ancient myth to President Trump and nearly everything in between.


Brad is also quite the prolific writer. With 29 books under his name Kronen has written extensively on his specialty topic of Astrology, but also about Ethics, Karma, Opera, Early Hollywood cinema, and the Holocaust, just to name a few other subjects. Next to Astrology, Brad's other passion is History. Providing accurate, spot-on Tarot Card readings, Brad can make a believer out of anyone. Ok, can we just talk about the tarot reading he gave me for a quick sec….?!!!!